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SIUC Solicitation Report - Frequently Asked Questions

Solicitation reports are used as part of the procedure in soliciting, handling, and reporting of instructional staff assignments. The data collected provides the Office of Records and Registration with the Dawgtag and name of up to twenty (20) instructors as well as the percentage of time for each instructor involved in the direct instruction of the course sections being taught each semester. BLANK OR A ZERO is not a valid entry for instructor percent. Starting in spring of 2014, two additional two additional pieces of data are requested.

1. The pay account/budgetary purpose number for the course. (REQUIRED)

2. The instructors pay for the course. (Optional-total pay for semester for course)

When entering instructor effort, the percentages must total 100% per course, no matter the total number of instructors (e.g., instructor #1=25%, instructor #2=25%, and instructor #3=50%, for a total of 100%) and each percentage of time must be greater than 0%.

Who is Responsibile for Solicitation/Entering Instructors of Record?
The Chairperson associated with each of the academic departments.

What is my Keyword/Password?
The original keyword is your 9-digit dawgtag without the "SIU" in front. To change the keyword, after entering your dawgtag on the Select Semester page, under the semesters there is a button titled: Change Keyword. Please click on this button and follow the directions. PLEASE USE A COMBINATION OF CHARACTERS AND NUMBERS FOR A STRONG PASSWORD.

When does a Keyword/Password Change?
Everytime a fiscal officer changes so does the keyword/password. It changes to the new fiscal officers 9-digit dawgtag.

What if I have Forgotten my Solicitation Keyword/Password?
Please contact Christine Blackburn, 536-2384 or .

What happens when a Notification Semester is Open?
Once a semester is open, an email is sent to the appropriate chairs and delegates. Reminders are sent throughout the semester for any course without an instructor of record.

What is a Delegate?
A delegate is an individual that assists the Chair in completing the Solicitation reports for his/her department.? A delegate does not remove the responsibility of the Chair to administer the completion of the Solicitation reports.? Rather, the establishment of a delegate provides a mechanism by which another individual is notified that the Solicitation reports need to be completed.? The delegate may complete the Solicitation reports on behalf of the Chair but must have permission from the Fiscal Chair.? If this permission is granted, the delegate must STILL use the keyword of the Chair to gain access to the department account.

How do I change or create a Solicitation Delegate?
On the select semester page, select the ?create delegate? button. Click on the department on the left hand side of the screen. When the create delegate page appears, type in the delegate?s email address and press create delegate.

What is the significance of the "primary instructor" in the Solicitation system?
The primary instructor, the one responsible for grades, should be placed in box 1.
All other instructors have access to class lists.

What about Interdisciplinary Courses/multi-disciplinary courses?
Multi-disciplinary courses are NOT associated with any particular academic department. Instructors from multi-disciplines (academic departments) teach these courses. As such, the Solicitation process and ultimately the Cost Study need to have academic disciplines identified for each instructor. The purpose of this identification is to award teaching credit (i.e., credit hours) to the appropriate discipline for which the instructor is associated. For example those courses with a course prefix of ENGR, AGRI, SCI, EDUC, etc, enter the academic discipline to award the teaching credit from the list of valid academic disciplines.

What happens if a course is Cancelled?
Please contact Admissions & Records at 453-2960 or to have the course removed from the system for the semester.

What need to be done if an Instructor changes mid-semester?
If, for some reason, an instructor cannot finish teaching or giving the grades for a course, please move the beginning instructor to box/slot 2 and change their percent of time to the amount of time they did teach and place the new instructor of record in slot 1 with their percentage of time. Remember the percent of time must equal 100%.