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SIUC Staff Effort Survey

Federal law mandates that all universities report on the effort of their employees. In Illinois, state law requires that all universities complete a semester staff effort report for IBHE reporting purposes.Your accurate and timely response to this survey is crucial because the data you supply are used to complete the following reports:

  • Federal A21 Report - used to derive the calculation of Indirect Cost Recovery Reimbursement for SIUC.
  • State RAMP (Resource Allocation and Management Planning) Document - used by IBHE to develop General Revenue budget recommendations for SIUC.
  • State IBHE Cost Study (Discipline and Unit), Staff Year Report, and Special Comparative Reports on Productivity - also used to make budget recommendations.

Special edits are built into the Internet Survey, but the accuracy of the information depends upon you. The data you enter in this survey will have a ripple effect throughout the University. Please carefully read the instructions for each reporting category (conveniently hyper-linked). Thank you for your cooperation. Please address any questions to: